Do I need landscaping experience?

While many of The Grounds Guys® franchisees had experience prior to acquiring their franchise, we also have franchisees that have joined us without prior experience. In fact, if you don’t have prior experience, purchasing a franchise is one of the quickest ways to gain access to experience… from both The Grounds Guys and other franchisees.

How does acquiring a franchise affect my existing landscape business?

The goal is to improve your business with The Grounds Guys support and systems. As you will learn on this website, The Grounds Guys objective is to help you create a sustainable business that enables you to reach your personal and professional goals. The Grounds Guys proprietary systems are designed to create greater efficiency and effectiveness in many areas of your existing business. These areas include marketing, sales, technology, operations, human resources and finance. Our goal is to help you create more loyal profitable customers and provide you the ability to work more “on” the business and not “in” the business. The Grounds Guys support team will provide training and help you implement The Grounds Guys systems so that you can benefit from them right away.

What does The Grounds Guys franchise cost?

There are three major categories of investment for you to consider – initial territory investment, start-up costs, and ongoing license fees:
Initial Territory Investment and the size of your investment depends on various factors; among them are the size of your exclusive marketing territory, the size of your existing business (if you have one), as well as discounts that may be available to you. Let’s take closer look at these various elements:

  • Territory Size – We take into account many factors when determining your territory size such as where your current customers are located (if you have an existing business), the number of businesses and upper income homes in the area, as well as any areas in which you would like to expand your business. Discounts are also given as the territory size increases.
  • Existing Business – Your existing business counts with us. If you have an existing business in the industry, you can qualify for a roll-in discount based on the size of your existing business.
  • VetFran Discount – in recognition for service to our country, we offer a 25% discount off the base franchise fee for honorably discharged veterans.
  • Public Protector Discount – similar to the VetFran discount, we believe in honoring those who serve us in law enforcement or fire fighting. A 20% discount off the base franchise fee is available to those who have a minimum of two years of full-time experience in either law enforcement or fire fighting.

As you can see by the number variables listed above, determining the initial franchise investment is very individually based. A Grounds Guys representative can work with you to determine what best suits your needs.

  • Start-up Costs – Whether you’re starting from scratch with the purchase of new equipment, vehicles, supplies and marketing expenses, or simply rebranding your current business, we’ll help you determine what to invest based on your needs.
  • License Fees – Building a successful business is the same whether it’s a franchise or not. Successful businesses are built upon effective business systems covering marketing, sales, operations, technology, finance, human resources, etc. A business owner can choose to find, develop and implement these systems on their own, or they can align with a franchise like The Grounds Guys and implement their established systems. The license fees that are paid by franchisees are for the various forms of support that you receive. When you do well, we do well. That puts us on the same team pushing in the same direction.

Summary – In evaluating a franchise investment, the best thing to do is to discuss your specific circumstances with a Grounds Guys representative so that you can make an informed business decision and determine if The Grounds Guys has the capabilities that you and your business need.

Can The Grounds Guys help with financing?

In a word, yes! We offer in-house financing which can cover the majority of the franchise fee, if you qualify. There are also outside finance resources available to you.

How much money will I earn with my franchise?

We are restricted by Canadian Franchise regulations from providing you with specific profit projections. To learn more about actual experiences, we will encourage you to speak with existing franchisees during your evaluation process.

Will I have to rename my existing business?

Yes, that’s part of the benefit of joining a national brand such as The Grounds Guys. However, during this process you will not lose your personal relationship with your customers as we have a very specific rebranding process that will make your customers even more excited about your communication systems and landscape services.

How is my territory determined?

Your territory is determined based on availability and your goals. We will help you construct a territory that is within your budget and meets your personal goals.

Will I have a protected territory with my franchise?

You will have an exclusive marketing territory, which means that no other Grounds Guys franchisee is permitted to actively market in your territory.

Will The Grounds Guys send me business?

While The Grounds Guys cannot guarantee any amount of business that we can send to you, our goal is to help you grow. We have a system accounts team in Orangeville that works to create business opportunities at the national, regional and local levels for our franchisees.

What kind of training can I expect?

You will have Phase 1 training which consists of online modules to acquaint you with The Grounds Guys systems as well as phone training from your sure start coordinator. Phase 2 training is very hands on and consists of a week at The Grounds Guys headquarters in Orangeville, ON. There you will learn about marketing, operations, technology, human resources and financial elements of The Grounds Guys franchise. You will also receive guidance from The Grounds Guys to prepare you for your grand opening. Training doesn’t stop when you leave Orangeville. Additional sources of training are: on-site visits, regional meetings, webinars, phone training, as well as the annual Sunshine Brands Reunion.

How long does it take to open a store?

Based on your schedule, we’ll help you move as quickly as you desire. Grand openings generally occur one to six months after you sign your franchise agreement.

How long have The Grounds Guys been around?

The origin of The Grounds Guys is unique: ten brothers born with green thumbs worked together to grow a landscape management business from the ground up. Founded under the name Sunshine Grounds Care in 1987 by Tim van Stralen, the company grew with the addition of each brother. Together, they built the Sunshine brand to 25 locations throughout Canada on quality workmanship and genuine care for their customers.

In 2010, Sunshine reached a groundbreaking agreement with The Dwyer Group®. A new company, The Grounds Guys, would be founded and grown within the U.S., taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge Sunshine had gained over the years. Meanwhile, Sunshine would rebrand to The Grounds Guys and, with the assistance of The Dwyer Group, would continue to expand their reach within Canada. Although separately owned and operated companies, both would learn from the other’s experience in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Today, The Grounds Guys’ fast-growing franchise network is branching out across the U.S. and Canada. Each location shares the same core values and culture of care that The Grounds Guys brand is built upon.

What are the next steps?

The next step is to contact The Grounds Guys. We have individuals who are trained to assist you in learning about The Grounds Guys so that you can make a solid business decision about whether The Grounds Guys is the best vehicle to help you reach your personal goals. The primary steps in the process include:

  • Telephone calls with a representative to learn more about The Grounds Guys
  • You may call current franchisees to learn more about their experiences with The Grounds Guys
  • Complete a Qualification Summary for us to learn more about you
  • Visit to The Grounds Guys headquarters in Orangeville, ON to learn more about The Grounds Guys systems and to meet the Leadership Team
  • Determination of whether we want to align with one another
  • Request The Grounds Guys® Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)