When most people think of a franchise, they think McDonalds… one of the best known franchises in the world. But what most people do not know is that franchising exists in nearly every area of life today. Why is franchising so popular? Because is works! According to the Small Business Association (SBA.gov), the success rate for franchise-owned businesses is significantly better than the success rate for many independent businesses.

So, why is franchising so popular today?

Well, there are several reasons:

  1. A nationally branded franchise provides you the benefit of being a part of a larger organization while still maintaining your independence. You can continue to operate as an independent lawn care company and compete against the bigger players, or you can become a part of a bigger team and reap the benefits.
  2. Consumers often prefer franchises because they have confidence that they can expect a certain level of quality and consistency.
  3. The best franchises provide business owners established integrated systems in areas such as marketing, sales, management training, finance, recruiting, customer service and human resources. Once implemented, these systems allow the business owner to start working “on” their business, and not “in” their business and can provide the owner more freedom of time.
  4. You have business coaches, industry experts and a large network of lawn care franchises who will work with you to help you meet your personal and professional goals. You are still in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
  5. Franchising teaches business owners on how to recruit, hire, train, compensate and retain their employees. These systems help reduce employee turnover and increase tenure so the business owner can focus on growing their business.
  6. Franchisor’s buying power typically provides their franchisees better products and services at a lower price than an independent business owner can receive on their own. These savings on nearly everything you need to run your business help bring more money to the bottom line.
  7. When an owner is ready, franchising helps position a business to sell for maximum dollars since the business is built around systems and not the business owner. These systems also ensure the company’s longevity in the event the owner would like to pass the business onto a family member.

Remember, the franchisor wants you to be successful, because if you’re successful, they are successful.

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